Naked guy with nice body, pit, balls and hard dick.

Naked guy with nice body, pit, balls and hard dick.

Naked guy with nice body, pit, balls and hard dick.

Naked guy with nice body, pit, balls and hard dick.

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All kinds of naked guys that please the eyes. This blog mostly contains NSFW pictures of everyday guys doing various sexual things, mostly naked, mostly gay sex. I prefer amateur pictures, to me it makes it much hotter when guys takes pictures of themselves.

All pictures gathered from various sources have been cited as ages 18+. If your own any pictures I will gladly take them down ASAP. Please be of legal age in your area to view this blog. Feel free to send/post me any stories, questions or pics, I would appreciate it. I am a good listener and enjoy answering questions or giving non-professional advice. Have fun here, I sure do!


What is it about guys that turn me on...? The scent, taste, touch, mmm.

I'll start with Scent -

I remember the first time I noticed the scent of a guy. I was in eighth grade and this guy I knew had his assigned seat right next to me and lucky for me he had P.E. right before our class together so he was nice and sweaty, fortunately we didn't have working showers at our school.

Never before had I noticed it but one hot day in class we had the fan going and all of a sudden an intoxicating aroma hit my nose, I looked around and saw he had his hands behind his head stretching and relaxing. I could see the teenage sweat dripping off of each individual hair as it burst out of his sleeves. The scent of his armpits turned me on so badly I was instantly rock hard and oozing precum in my boxers wanting to get home to release the pressure.

Every chance I got I would sneak a peak at his pits, they were so hairy for our age. Every time he lifted his arms up I would inhale deep and try to see and smell it all. It continued through high school, during lunch I would purposely sit downwind from him and stared directly into the pit every time he stretched, until sadly he had to change schools. How I wish he could be my personal scratch-n-sniff...

Mind you not every pit smells the same, some are just dirty and stink, which can be a total turn off. Guess it also depends on whose pits they are. But some like his are just so clean, sweet and fresh smelling it drives me wild. It was the start of me exploring my gay side and fascination of the male armpit.